Landscaping Phoenix

Phoenix Landscaping entails a variety of concepts and designs. With a variety of Landscape Services to choose from such as Water Features which include koi ponds which are basically rock ponds made in a variety of shapes, sizes and color arrangement which may also include waterfalls. waterscape-small-waterfallThese ponds are design to hold a variety of aquarium fish. Some designs call for just a waterfall without any added pond features or fish. Nightscaping includes an assortment of lighting arrangements directed on special features of the house and landscaping plants such as cactus, palm trees and a variety of flowers.

An assortment of flagstone Patios or Decorative Brick ideas add genuine wonderful character to any patio deck and landscape design including a fire pit. Irrigation Systems can be installed for your watering convenience with an easy to use electroniclly control system enablin7g you to use a manual or automatic setting system. Xeriscape gardening and landscaping is a concept that eliminates or reduces the need for additional water from irrigation. It is used in regions that do not have a ready supply of plentiful or accessible water, which is gaining greater acceptance in areas as water becomes more limiting. Xeriscaping is becoming dawson3the alternative to various types of traditional gardening. In some areas, terms such as smart-scaping, drought-tolerant landscaping and water-conserving landscapes are used as marketing tools. In some areas where plants nutritional requirements are appropriate for the surrounding climate, have a high emphasis where care is taken to maintain water against run-off and evaporation. Specific plants used for xeriscaping will depend upon the appropriate climate. Xeriscaping is not the same as natural landscaping, because emphasis in xeriscaping is on selection of the plants for water conservation, but not necessarily the native plants. Custom Designs are no problem with Scottsdale Landscaping. If you have your own designs, they can make it fit to your specifications. Hand crafted bar-b-ques made from a variety of high quality stones will enhance your stone work.